Pattern Sizes

Each pattern is available in a variety of pattern sizes.  The size of the pattern is determined by 2 things.  The first is how many times the pattern is repeated to create the displayed image.  The second is determined within each pattern product; the image can be expanded or shrunk.  Deciding on which pattern size to select will depend on the pattern, the selected product (pillow, tote bag, etc) and the desired look.

To help you have a sense of the pattern size, the image shows the pattern count (the number of times the pattern is repeated) & the pattern range (how much the pattern can be expanded).  The dimensions of the available products are listed.  The measurements are in inches and are based on the width of the product.

Pattern Sizes for the Different Products

Here is a printable version of the Pattern Sizes including Product Dimensions image.  Or, if you would prefer, here is a PDF without pillow images – Pattern Count & Size.

Also, most of the patterns are designed so you can pick a color to go with either the black or white base portion of the pattern. The current exception is the Polka Dot Pattern category which has 3 sections: Patterns – Polka Dots, Patterns – Polka Dots Colorful & Patterns – Polka Dots 2-Toned.  The Patterns – Polka Dot section contains the neutral colors which are white, gray/grey & black.  Currently, the Patterns – Polka Dot Colorful section has the base colors of pink, blue & red.  (More colors will eventually be added.  This means that you can create a pillow or another product with 2 colors such as green & blue instead of white & blue or white & green.) The Patterns – Polka Dots 2-Toned is the last Polka Dot section. The patterns are created so a single color is picked and then a 'tint' of the selected color is displayed as the base.  [Eventually, all of the patterns will have a ‘colorful’ section in addition to the neutral (black & white) section.]

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