Picking a Color & Pre-selected Colors

Most of the patterns & graphics are designed so a color can be added.  The designs come with over 50 pre-selected colors and with the ablity to pick your own color.

Need help picking a color. Not everyone has access to a Pantone deck, there are a number of websites and apps that are available to help pick a color and/or find the hex number.

One way to select a color is to use paint samples as a reference.  There are two websites that can provide the paint color's hex number.  The websites are http://encycolorpedia.com/ and http://www.easyrgb.com/index.php?X=TINT#Result.

Picking a Color

Here is a printable version of the Picking a Color image.

Note: In regards to the mentioned website, sometimes the website do not have the paint listed.  This is especially true of newer paints.  Within the easyrgb.com website, some of the paint brands have several listings within the "Select the color collection…" drop down.  If  so, check all of the paint brand listings for the paint color.

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